Solar Eclipse

Planning for the solar eclipse in the St. Louis region began in 2015! It will finally come to fruition August 21st. There is a whole host of resources about the eclipse online. The library also has information and viewing glasses can be purchased there too. Based on the church’s location, the partial eclipse will begin at 11:49 AM and end at 2:44 PM. We are near the path of totality, and that should be from 1:16-1:19 PM. For more information about the eclipse, visit

The youth will be selling eclipse t-shirts. They are $10 each.

Sanctuary Roof Update

We are hoping to replace the roof on the Sanctuary before the end of the year. The estimate received was $41,000, and we’re hoping to raise $20,000 prior to beginning the project. To date, we have $7340 designated for the Sanctuary roof. There are still parsonage needs but most of those have been met ($4350 of the $4800 estimated). Please continue to designate funds in your offering; either for PARSONAGE NEEDS or CHURCH BLDG NEEDS to help us reach our goal.

$12,660 Needed

Service Opportunity at Kingdom House

Are you passionate about education? Help kids prepare for the school year by volunteering with Backpacks & BBQ, Kingdom House’s annual back-to-school event! At Backpacks & BBQ, Kingdom House distributes new shoes, backpacks, and school supplies to over 500 St. Louis children. Here are the details:

Who: You (and your family or friends!). Larry and Frances Deaton are heading that way. If you’re interested, you might plan on carpooling or at least meeting and traveling together.

What: Help families pick out the school supplies they need from a selection of new donations.

When: Saturday, August 12th – 8:30am – 3:30pm. Morning and afternoon shifts are available. The Deaton’s have an afternoon shift: 12-3:30 PM. Julie, the organizer indicated that there are only 2-3 morning spots left.

Where: Peabody Elementary School (1224 S 14th St, St. Louis, MO 63104), just two blocks from Kingdom House.

Perks: Free BBQ lunch!

To Sign Up: Please contact Julie Strassman at or 314-627-9826.

August Issue Available

Sure, it’s early, but why wait? In the August issue of The Missouri Methodists, you’ll find a guide to who does what on Missouri Conference staff and a list of phone numbers to call when you have questions or need some help. There is also a report from the episcopal team who just returned from Mozambique, a story about a church in Kansas City working hard to be a good neighbor to its diverse community, and much more. You can read it now at

Listening Tours

Times for Listening Tour meetings are now available and you should sign-up! You can do that online or by calling the church office.

The dates so far are:

  • July 26th at 7 PM
  • July 27th at 6:30 PM (FULL)
  • August 2nd at 6:30 PM
  • August 3rd at 6:30 PM (FULL)
  • August 8th at 6:30 PM (FULL)

If you’d like to sign-up online, please visit here.  The process is very easy and you should have received an email with more detailed directions. If you’re not comfortable with the online sign-up, select your time and call the office: 636-586-2472. Spots are limited, so hurry.


2017 Festival of Sharing Mission

Our church family is continuing to collect items for our Missouri Backpacks of Love. This is part of the Festival of Sharing that will culminate October 21, 2017. The backpacks and items will be given to children in foster care. These children need to have something they can pack their personal items in when they are moved around in foster homes. We are asking for:

  • A small backpack
  • 1 t-shirt in a child size M or L or an adult S
  • 1 3-pack of children’s underwear
  • 1 soft child’s toothbrush
  • 1 small stuffed animal
  • 1 pair of children’s socks
  • 1 tube of children’s toothpaste
  • 1 narrow tooth comb

Please keep these children in your prayers as they face their unfortunate situations. We hope that the prayers and the backpacks help them during this time.

You can purchase each of the items needed for one Backpack of Love, purchase a couple of items needed, or give money to cover the cost of a Backpack of Love. The estimated cost is $35 for each completed backpack.

Love Blooms Eternal

In addition to selling eclipse t-shirts, the children and youth will also be selling flower cards. These cards are $40 and include a set of monthly coupons that entitle the bearer to a small bouquet from Cherished Memories. The twelve coupons run from August through July 2018. Money raised will be used for one of their mission projects. They’ll be using the profits to support the Nicaraguan student that they sponsor.

Pounding the Pastor

From Nurture Chairman, Terry Neckermann

In the last newsletter, there were suggestions to help the new pastor. This is another opportunity to serve.

According to the Effingham Herald, it has been a long-time custom to welcome the new pastor to churches, especially in the South, with a “pounding”. The name “pounding” likely came from staple items which were sold by the pound. The way it works was that members would gather and thoroughly clean the house inside and out and spruce up the yard. They would have a “pounding,” stocking the shelves in the pantry with items they had canned from their garden or purchased at the store. Anything from preserves, canned goods, soap, salt, pepper, potatoes or onions to a jar of cookies might find its way into the pastor’s kitchen. Nowadays paper goods and cleaning items are included; even a church cookbook.

We will be collecting things as an old fashioned “pounding” to fill Pastor Dave and Barbara’s cabinets at the parsonage. From now until June 18th, Father’s Day, please bring something with you and put it on the table at the back of the sanctuary. Obviously, if you have cold products, label it, and store it in our kitchen. We will retrieve it when needed. Here is a way to “demonstrate the love of God by sharing.”

Information about allergies, favorites, dislikes, snacks, etc.
  • Favorite foods and meals? Barbara has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. They are trying to keep this under control with diet and exercise.
  • Allergies or dislikes? Spicier foods don’t tend to “set” as well as they used to.
  • Snacks/sweets? The Duncans are cutting back on high-carb snacks for Barbara’s sake. Celery and carrots with some low fat dip are always winners, as are nuts of various types.
  • Coffee/tea? David drinks a little coffee, and they both like tea.
  • Type of dessert? Sugar free coconut cream pie.
  • Pets? None.