The DeSoto High School Theater Department is presenting Emma, a Pop Musical. The production will take place at the DHS Theater March 8-10th. Tickets are $5 for students and $8 for adults.

  • Thursday, March 8th at 6 PM
  • Friday, March 9th at 6 PM
  • Saturday, March 20th at 6 PM

Areena Smith will be in this production, and we hope you’ll come out to see it.

Congratulations to the Grandview Lady Eagles basketball team on a 20+ win season; 22 and 3 overall. Be sure to congratulate Meaghan and Sarra Faust when you see them.

There are a couple of items to note related to music and the choir during March. First off, the choir has started practicing at 6:30 PM. This will continue through March in anticipation of the Easter Cantata.

The second item to note is that the Front Porch Concert is scheduled for Sunday, March 18, 2018. We’ll provide details about who will be performing once they are finalized.

We donated 542 items to the food pantry in 2017. Here’s your chance to start doing great things in 2018 too. Right now, the food pantry could really use canned carrots, boxed cereal, and hamburger helper.

To the congregation of St. Andrews UMC,

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the Night to Shine and to St. Andrew’s for hosting such a wonderful event. I have worked with most of the guests who attended and it warmed my heart see their reactions to the special treatment that each of them received.  All the volunteers were amazing that night and I know each of them have walked away with a life-changing experience. I hope everyone looks forward to more Night to Shine events in the future.

If anyone would like to stay connected to the guests in other ways, feel free to contact me for more opportunities. Through NextStep for Life, I coordinate Leisure Services activities and sports training programs in Jefferson County. We offer over 250 activities each year and welcome volunteers to help with assistance and direction for our consumers. It’s a great way to stay connected with this very special population of individuals…and it’s fun!

Thank you, Pastor David and St. Andrew’s members, for taking on this project and making it a success. I enthusiastically speak for many when I say “what is the date for next year’s Night to Shine event”. Thank you very much.

Terri Dallas
Leisure Services Coordinator

March Birthdays

  • 1st-Wyatt Hickman
  • 2nd-Frank Talbert
  • 3rd-Pat Ames & Hunter Guertzgen
  • 5th-Kate Bigelow
  • 15th-Emily Neckermann
  • 16th-Judy Propst
  • 18th-Werner Stichling & Landon Wurth
  • 19th-Nancy Shackleford
  • 20th-Donna Dawes
  • 21st-Dennis Doyle
  • 30th-Jerry Riddle, Emily Solomon, & Nicholas Watkins
  • 31st-Jason Owens & Lou Watson

March Anniversaries

  • 2nd-Larry & Frances Deaton
  • 27th-Bobby & Phyllis Fisher

Daylight Savings Time begins March 11, 2018. Don’t forget to spring forward.


For information about other events and meetings at the church, check out the calendar.

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We’ve collected $30,460.42 toward the roof! That is putting us on pace to pay off the loan earlier than had been hoped. The goal of raising $20,000 this year might be modified, so we can start working toward new financial goals. Stay tuned…

Thanks to all who participated in our Spiritual Gifts Assessment. I think a good number of you got a little insight – and probably some encouragement – into how God has gifted you. It may have even shed some light on how you see yourself living out your calling as a child of God.  The good news is that this is just the beginning. God has uniquely gifted us for this very place at this very time. How we put our gifts into action will be the difference, not only in our lives, but in the lives of those with whom we come in contact every day. I can say this is a church strong on Encouragement and Giving, and it was shown in a mighty way over the past several weeks with our Night to Shine event. Whether your task was small or large, it was a part of the bigger picture of how God works through people whose best ability is availability.

Was your gifts assessment incomplete? Click here to find out why.

Some people’s Gifts Assessments came back incomplete. The reason is that all questions/statements needed to have a number, even if that number was “1”. Not putting in a number on any one statement decreases the accuracy of the assessment and would, thereby, give you an incomplete picture of your gifts. Anyone wanting a do-over may simply finish out their questions and re-submit it to the office.

If you still haven’t picked up your results, those are in the office.

Mark your calendars for March 11th at 5 PM. We’ll be viewing Secondhand Lions, a 2003 film featuring Michael Caine and Robert Duvall.

Secondhand Lions is a coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas.

Please make plans to join us on the 11th. Bring some snacks to share and enjoy the show.