Music Notes for December

There will be some special music in December. The children and youth will have a program during worship on December 17, 2017 entitled ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. In addition to that, the Bell Choir and Chancel Choir will present “A St. Andrew’s Christmas” at 6:30 PM on December 17, 2017. This should be a wonderful time to bring family and friends together since a reception will be held after each.

All are invited to join the Choir downtown on December 1, 2017 for Christmas Caroling! Please talk to Larry for details.

There are also a few Sugar Moon dates in December if you can venture away from your family, baking obligations, and football. Feel free to join Larry and Margie on:

  • Dec. 7th-Coyol at 5:30 PM
  • Dec. 9th-Fountain City Grille at 5:30 PM
  • Dec. 15th-LaPachange in Herculaneum at 5:00 PM


Christmas is a meaningful time to honor and remember loved ones. If you would like to purchase a poinsettia to add to the celebratory decoration of St. Andrew’s on Sunday, December 17, 2017, fill out the form below and submit payment for your order by Sunday, December 3, 2017.

A donation of $10 is asked for each poinsettia. An insert in the bulletin on the 17th will list the poinsettia donors and the individuals they celebrate. If you’d like a paper form, they are located at the back of the Sanctuary and will also be in the bulletins.


Noisy Offering

Jefferson County currently has 760 children under protective custody. The Jefferson County Foster Children’s Fund is hosting a Holiday Party on December 8th for those children currently in foster care. The youth have decided to raise money toward this mission.

St Andrew’s Youth will be collecting a “noisy” offering on November 19th. The money collected will be given to the Children’s Fund for the party. Please bring loose change to drop in the bucket. We will be happy to accept checks and paper money as well. Thank you for helping us help other children who are going through a difficult time.

St. Andrew’s Youth

Mitten Tree

The mitten tree is up in the church sanctuary to collect mittens, scarfs, knit caps, and any item for keeping kids warm this winter. We will be giving them to Vineland, Grandview, and Athena Elementary before the Christmas break, so the last Sunday to donate will be December 10, 2017.

The youth will be taking a love offering for the over 700 foster children in Jefferson County. The money will go to giving them a Christmas Party through the foster care system.

We also plan to help the mothers and children celebrate Christmas at A Safe Place, the women’s shelter. We have had several people volunteer to do extra baking for them. If you would like to donate for Christmas presents or do some baking for them, let me know. The season is always a busy and wonderful time of the year. It is also a time to remember our families who need our help.

Thank you always for your support.

Frances Deaton, Missions

United Methodist Men 69th Annual Retreat


Let me personally invite you to join me at the Missouri Methodist Men’s Retreat on Friday evening November 17th through Saturday afternoon November 18th, 2017.  The retreat will be held at Pinecrest Camp & Retreat Center located 5 miles south of Fredericktown on Highway C. The program consists of a great speaker, Rev. Mickey Springfield, and lots of time to enjoy the activities and facilities at Pinecrest Camp.

As many of you already know, this is a great time to get away from the hustle and bustle of our busy schedules and spend time in the outdoors and with other Christian men. Others may be asking, “why should I do this?” or ”what’s in it for me?” The main reason relates to the purpose of UMM:

Helping men grow in Christ so others may know Christ

This retreat is an opportunity:

  • to be open to God’s guidance to share and encourage one another in their faith journey;
  • to get away from the rush of everyday living and get back in touch with Jesus Christ, your Lord and Savior;  thus getting your priorities straight;
  • to share your journey with other men and be encouraging to them and be encouraged by them;
  • to learn of ministry opportunities that exist within Missouri to take back to your local church;
  • to meet and network with other Christian men in the state;
  • and to have a great time in fellowship with other Christians while enjoying the great facilities (hiking, boating/canoeing, miniature golf, indoor swimming, indoor basketball,  fishing, ATV trails-bring your own, as well as skeet shooting, and more).

Our guest speaker this year is retired pastor Rev Mickey Stringfield. Pastor Mickey retired from the Louisiana Conference where he served in various capacities for 40 years while being blind. His special vision and understanding is an encouragement to all who hear him. It brings to mind the admonishment for those who have ears, let them hear and those who have eyes let them see.

Looking forward to visiting with you during the retreat.

Your brother in Christ,

Dave Bailey


A registration form and flyer are on the bulletin board outside the church office.

Maybe Someday

Maybe someday…

This phrase, taken from a song in our Children & Youth Christmas presentation, is that all-too-often thought which, somehow, keeps us going and keeps us from going at the same time. How is that? Glad you asked. Consider this: Nobody wants to witness the strong hurting the weak, or the rich cheating the poor. We long for the day when we love more than we hate; laugh more than we cry; when we give more than we take. And so we say, “maybe someday.”

But there is another side to that coin. It goes a little like this…Maybe someday, we’ll take the time to make that phone call, to send that letter, to stop by, or to make things right. When we say it that way, “maybe someday” begins to take on a little different meaning. Either way we say it, there is a common denominator.

The phrase “maybe someday” has a lot to do with hope. Whether it is our hoping for something to be done, or that we will initiate some action. It is ours to hope for that good day when we will no longer have to say, “maybe someday.” The good news is that we don’t have to get stuck in the maybe. Jesus Christ came to bring a certainty to all the maybes we hear or say. It is a lot like the other words found in the song: “Maybe someday is just around the bend, and not so far away ‘til a Savior will descend.” The hope you and I can have in a relationship with Jesus Christ allows us to embrace the certainty of God’s grace in us. And it assures of God’s grace working through us to others as we live out this season of Christ’s coming.

Solar Eclipse

Planning for the solar eclipse in the St. Louis region began in 2015! It will finally come to fruition August 21st. There is a whole host of resources about the eclipse online. The library also has information and viewing glasses can be purchased there too. Based on the church’s location, the partial eclipse will begin at 11:49 AM and end at 2:44 PM. We are near the path of totality, and that should be from 1:16-1:19 PM. For more information about the eclipse, visit

The youth will be selling eclipse t-shirts. They are $10 each.